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Tailor made software: we design and develop customized technological solutions.

We provide companies with comprehensive advice, offering the most suitable technological tools to facilitate daily processes, speed up procedures and improve work management. We work hand in hand with the customer, in a constant exchange of feedback: we increasingly deepen our knowledge of the company’s reality, needs, and habits, to offer useful, efficient, and effective tools.

Integrated Services

Your technological partner

Techseed can be the partner alongside the company to manage the IT system and design ad hoc software, develop and implement them for the full operation of the company.

Ad hoc software

3D product configurators for the web

Video content streaming

Development of embedded devices and solutions for industry 4.0

B2B tools

Web portals

Customers private areas


Business development

Client / server applications

Vertical software to support ERP or management software

Quality-related issues management and non-conformities management

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Why work with us

Your ideas, our experience

Your ideas, our experience

We deal with each project as if it were our own and, for this reason, we provide the best possible solution. Our development process starts with the discussion of an idea and land on the creation of a product that best reflects the expressed needs, through phases of conception, discussions and testing.

Quality first

Quality first

The company's goal is to create products that know how to make the most of the latest technologies. We work to always be up–to–date on technological innovations in order to structure solid products able to meet the customer's needs.

Keyword: integration

Keyword: integration

The transition to new tools can be a long and complex process but it shouldn’t be: we work to ensure that our software can be integrated with the tools already in use within the company, in order to innovate starting from the optimization of the already existing ones.


Digitalize your company

A toolkit aimed at individuals and companies, to facilitate and speed up many small and simple activities.

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