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A toolkit aimed at individuals and companies, to facilitate and speed up many small and simple activities.

Streaming platform


Customers using txdStream will be able to both share internally digital contents for employees and host training courses and conferences, but also professionally and safely organize online events, even for staff outside of the company.

txdStream is customizable and it can be perfectly integrated with the business reality, not only from a graphic point of view but also from a cost point of view.

txdStream can, in fact, be flexible according to one's needs.

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Creare il sito su misura per te
Create the site tailored for you
Aggiornare il personale della tua azienda
Update your staff
Gestire i corsi e le iscrizioni
Manage courses and registrations
Visualizzare i report di andamento
View trend reports
Credential management


Keyring is the credential management system used to securely save the access data and information necessary for any site, portal, router or server that requires a login.

It is suitable for use in companies or work groups since it allows information sharing between multiple users.

Immagine accesso via web

Web access

Keyring is a web application accessible from any PC, Tablet and Smartphone connected to the Internet.

Immagine credenziali


List of entered credentials

Immagine modifica e inserimento

Changes and input

The system allows the creation of records with a text field where all the necessary information for each object whose data you want to store can be input.

Immagine permessi e categorie

Permission and categories

For each record entered it is possible to specify a category, to facilitate the search, and who will be able to access it.

Immagine password di secondo livello

Second-level password

For the most sensitive data, there is an additional security level. It is also possible to encrypt the data with an additional password to guarantee an even greater level of security on particular data. In this case, when accessing this credential, you will be asked to enter an additional password.

Immagine utenti e gruppi

User management

Admin users can create, through the interface, the users and groups needed by their organization.

Key Points

Cloud server

The data is saved on a server maintained in cloud with an uptime of 99.9%, to guarantee fast and immediate access at any time.


Access to the private area is done through HTTPS, in order to ensure that the information between the server and the PC cannot be intercepted.


Periodic database backups are kept on a secondary server and encrypted with a decryption key not present on the server for additional safety.

Qualified personnel

The engineers who worked on the development of the tool took special courses on web security at various certified institutes, including eLearn Security.


The data is saved only encrypted on the database. On particularly sensitive data, the system allows you to further increase the level of security by adding a second level of encryption.

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Attendance portal


EasyEmployees is an attendance management system that allows you to record and view the status of all company employees.

Schermata: calendario

EasyEmployees allows the admin to have an immediate report of the hours worked by all workers and quick management of requests for permits, as well as an overview of the status of all people in a monthly or weekly calendar view.

Schermata: lista users

Each employee can enter requests for leave, holidays or remote-working and see the report of their hours.

Schermata: orari

The user will be able to view the events list and the approval status.

Schermata: singolo utente
Screens Management


Scheduled content: Timezones

Contenuto programmato: immagine orologi Contenuto programmato: immagine orologi

Scheduled content: Waves

Scheduled content: Logo brand

Contenuto programmato: logo di un brand

Sinox is a complete hardware/software solution that allows you to control the information distributed on different monitoring screens from a single panel.

The system has a monitoring interface where you can set content to be played on each device.

A small self-installing device must be connected to each monitor.


Power supply

USB cable power supply that can be connected directly to the USB port on the screen



HDMI full HD



Access to the network for first configuration



Possibility to connect to company Wi-Fi

Immagine dispositivo autoinstallante per utilizzo sinox

It is a useful tool for sending newsletters on large lists. It has all the features needed to manage a lot of data, without losing the ease of use.
With Newsletter, it is possible to send large quantities of messages quickly and with a low risk of spam: it can send up to 100,000 e-mails in an hour.

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Server monitoring system


The Watchman automatic system is designed to monitor servers and connection status.


Status monitoring

Checks both the services status and the accesses taking place on the servers.



A convenient system of notifications, via e-mail or text messages, warns of anomalies in a personalized way, choosing who to send the report to and how.


Direct alerts

It will be possible to choose whether to have the system report any anomalies directly to the customer or to our technicians. In this case, we will carry out a check, communicate the results to the customer and, if necessary, agree on which countermeasures to adopt.